Pillars – An Introduction

Esto Vir.  

Esto Vir.  A perfectly laconic Latin phrase which translates simply to ‘Be a Man’.  The Latin word Vir, from which we derive ‘virtue,’ simply means Man.   Man without virtue is not a Man.

Once you’ve cleared the job site and laid the foundation it’s time build some supports.  These are the basic building blocks of the renewed masculine man that you are creating to achieve your goals.  Improve these attributes and improve your life.

This post will serve as a brief introduction to the five essential masculine virtues that define what is to be Man.  Each one will get an in-depth post in the future.  These are the atoms that combine in various configurations to create quality men.  All men consist of these attributes to varying degrees.  If your life is not as fulfilling as you believe it should be then you are lacking in one or more of these areas.

Each trait, when considered in isolation from the others, is the primary virtue of one of our five archetypal men.  Each archetypal man represents the embodiment of his corresponding virtue.  Understanding these concepts and wherein lie your strengths and weaknesses will be key to effectively improving yourself and your condition.

  1. Integrity
    The Leader: A Man of Integrity is Trusted and Respected.
    A Leader takes responsibility for his actions.  He offers no excuses and takes complete ownership of any failures.  He follows through and his word is honorable.  Integrity is the state of being whole and coherent with one’s philosophy.  Actions done with integrity, may not always be agreeable but they will always be respectable.  He is inspirational,  loyal and decisive.
  2. Knowledge
    The Sage: A Man of Knowledge is Essential and Consulted.
    A Sage teaches those in his care.  He guides and influences those who will benefit from his knowledge and wisdom.  He is creative, inventive and imaginative.
  3. Strength
    The Warrior:  A Man of Strength is Desired and Dangerous.
    The Warrior is the protector of his clan.  He is the personification of strength, courage and determination.  Strength is valued most by those who do not have it.  The Warrior provides comfort and safety to his tribe by denying himself the same.  He is forceful, determined and powerful.
  4. Ambition
    The Adventurer: A Man of Ambition is Successful and Emulated.
    The Adventurer provides for his tribe.  He is the hunter and explorer.  He seeks treasure for the enrichment of himself and his people.  He is a man of action and discovery.  He is courageous, curious and independent.
  5. Passion
    The Lover:  A Man of Passion is Seductive and Captivating.
    The Lover is the man in control of his senses and emotions.  He is fully alive and capable of displaying all forms of love.  It is important to distinguish the various forms that love can take.  A man can love his wife, his country, his brothers, his God, and his children in similar measure but with vastly different manner.  The Lover is idealistic and entertaining with a healthy appetite for satisfying experiences, especially shared experiences.   He is caring,  charming, and fun.

This post will be updated with links to more extensive posts on each virtue and archetype as they are posted.  No man in history (save, perhaps One) is a perfect exemplar of all of these virtues.  Like everything else, your measure can always be improved.  Any activity that helps you develop these virtues is time well spent.  It is about progress not perfection.