Never Too Late

This is a special message to all the procrastinators out there.  You know who you are.

Procrastination is a life-sucking demon.  If you let it get hold of you, you will forever struggle against its comforting charms.  At first glance, procrastination may seem harmless enough.  It does not seem like a life-threatening menace.  But trust me, it will murder you.  It will teach you to rationalize your failures.  It will sit on your shoulder and whisper:

“You are too tired.”
“You are too busy.”
“You are too sick.”

When you begin to believe these lies, procrastination will rob you of your integrity.  You begin lying to yourself.  You begin to scale back the goals you have set for your life and begin to settle for “good enough.”   You start to slide back in to the old habits and the old routines that have provided you with a life that is just barely “good enough.”

“Good enough” is not.

One of my favorite daily reads is The Family Alpha blog.  It has been an inspiration to me, as a married man and a father, to see so many other men championing a masculine leader as a crucial element of every family’s happiness.  Between TFA , the MarriedRedPill subreddit, and various other resources, men have valuable tools at their fingertips for an effective Red Pill philosophy tempered with the integrity of fatherhood.  This is a powerful combination of motivation and accountability, two very efficient weapons against procrastination.

The Family Alpha, began a project on March 1, called the Men of March.  It begins:

We have all risen or are going to rise from the ashes of our former ‘repressed’ selves. Some of you are still burning free, setting all of your weakness, regrets, and desires to avoid reality ablaze. Throughout this month we will burn that repressed self to the ground and from it the true raw you shall rise.

All men will find purpose throughout the posts for the entire month, but the focus is on those men who are balancing reclamation with self along with leading, guiding, listening, and sacrificing for the lives they are responsible for.

I am joining TFA on this journey, but in the spirit of “Owning My Shit,”  I intended to blog my progress.  In fact it was one my goals established for Day 1.

Day 1: Creating the Men of March

Day 1 happened to coincide with the onset of a bout with the flu.  Great, now I get to do 100 pushups with snot running out of my nose.  This is how procrastination gets a foothold in your mind.  It is but one of the forces that Steven Pressfield calls the Resistance in the War of Art.  (A great book that deserves its own post in the future.)

Day 2: Stop Avoiding It

Still sick, but pushing through.  50 pushups done in the morning.  Then a fiscal plan laid out to the family for a particular financial shortcoming that I had been avoiding.  Then, medication induced coma in the early evening cancels my remaining 50 pushups.  Fuck.   However, failure is no excuse to continue failing.

Day 3: Fresh Start Friday

Illness is receding and 100 pushups done early.  (Fuck you, procrastination.)   Breaking the routine for this weekend with a bonfire after dinner.  No netflix and chill, it will be marshmallows and ghost stories.