Creative Destruction

When the task at hand is nothing short of rebuilding your existence, the prospect is daunting. Your old self needs destroyed before it can be recreated. You don’t necessarily have the blueprints finished yet, but so what. You know where the new construction is happening so you need to clear some brush from the job site.

Maybe you are not as far gone as the average American Male. You don’t necessarily have to hit rock bottom to benefit from the rebuilding, but it does provide some potent motivation. If you are merely on the downward slide towards rock-bottom, now is the time to take concrete steps to reverse course.

Step 0: Cut the Shit

Kill your ego. Lose your Shame.  The Family Alpha has been churning out excellent content for some time now and his take on kickstarting your ass-kicking is well worth the time to read.

These men know that the excuses they’re using to justify why others are taking action while they remain stagnant are total bullshit, but it soothes the wound to the ego temporarily and it buys them time to do something else to distract them from reality; Netflix, Video Games, Computer, Phone, etc…

These men fear venturing into the world because they fear being ostracized and they can get over that absolutely overwhelming and crushing shame in what their body & mind have become.

You are the product of every decision you have made up to this point.  Own it.  No one forced you to become a lazy slob.  Your status in life is 100% your responsibility.  Your world and your station in life is a reflection of you.

Recognize and catalog all the salves you employ to soothe your bruised feelings.  These buffers that let you escape the fear of rejection and failure are as addictive as any drug.  Drop that shit like it’s hot.  Take stock of your average day.  How much time and effort do you spend on double negatives.  Double negatives are the things that are both time-sinks and/or cost real dollars and yet produce absolutely no immediate value to your life.

Need screen time to unwind after a hard day’s work? Drop that shit.  Wind yourself up right now and get shit done.

Need a drink to take the edge off?    Fuck that.  Your sharp edges make you dangerous.

Need porn to get your rocks off?  Stop fucking your hand and go get laid.

Your list will be different than anyone else’s list but if you can honestly look at yourself and how you spend your “downtime” you will see the shit that needs to go.   You need to make a list of the things that are off limits to you until you unfuck yourself.  Besides, you are going to have significantly less “downtime” once you start getting awesome.