The Crisis of Men

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have  to do. — epictetus

Over the past few years, I have plunged myself into research on masculine issues.   The immediate goal being self-improvement.  Living life as an average American shlub is not exactly anyone’s idea of winning at life.  The rewards for a life well-lived in a socially-approved manner in our culture are few and far between.  Put in your 50 hour work week, pay your bills, provide for your family and the payment for your efforts will likely be disrespectful children, an ex-wife, and lay-off notice after 20 years of ‘service.’   This is the all-to-common outcome for a large percentage of American men.

These results, eventually, lead some men to look for solutions to these real problems.  Thankfully, you are not alone.  This is where I found myself several years ago when I realized that my comfortable life and general surrender to the dictates of our feminine dominated culture had lead me to the brink of divorce, 30 pounds overweight with no savings and no plans for the future beyond getting up an trudging to work another day.  (Stop me if you’ve heard this before.)

It is Never Enough

Being an active and loving father is not enough.  Being a devoted and loyal husband is not enough.  Being an industrious and dedicated employee is not enough.  None of the things that you were told would lead to a happy and fulfilling life are enough to get you there.  Very few of the conventional wisdom nuggets that you have picked up over the years are true.  One exception is this:  Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last.  

Who are you serving? For whom are you living?

As a father of boys, I do not want them to live an average life for decades only to learn life’s cold harsh reality as an “adult.”  They need this information now so they will conquer this world with the righteous fury that is their right by virtue of being the creators of their own destiny.  The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is right now.   I am planting trees for myself and my future.

I am relaunching this blog as part of my improvement plan which includes more writing less curating.  More creating, less consuming.  I will be detailing the steps I am taking on this journey because it will help me.  If it helps just one other man, all the better.

There are no excuses.  The information is available to you everywhere once the scales have been lifted from your eyes.  Get reading.  Swallow the Red Pill and get improving for yourself. It is time to unfuck yourself.

See you tomorrow,


Further reading (no better place to start): Year One.


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