Republicans Latest Waron by Former Enron Adviser Paul Krugman

Executive Summary:  Freedumb is for ‘Mericans.


Former Enron Adviser, Paul Krugman, explains the latest Republican Waron.  Serious, you guys.  It’s a war on Food Stamps.  But please let’s refer to it by is its newspeak (not yet stigmatized, cf Liberal, Progressive ) name, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP).

Krugman explains that the Obama recovery has been “very weak” so we need exactly this kind of safety net program.

The evidence is now overwhelming [citation needed] that spending cuts in a depressed economy deepen the slump, yet government spending [citation needed] has been falling anyway. SNAP, however, is one program that has been expanding, and as such it has indirectly helped save hundreds of thousands of jobs [citation needed].

SNAP, in short, is public policy at its best. It not only helps those in need; it helps them help themselves. And it has done yeoman work in the economic crisis, mitigating suffering and protecting jobs at a time when all too many policy makers seem determined to do the opposite. So it tells you something that conservatives have singled out this of all programs for special ire.

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