The calm before the storm. Palinistas are keeping their powder dry.

Keep your powder dry.  The NY Times has taken note that the Palin camp has been quiet as of late.  Too quiet.

Sarah Palin has been quiet recently. Surprisingly quiet.

Ms. Palin, a one-time Alaska governor, is reportedly just days away from deciding whether to run for president.

In the meantime, her Twitter feed and Facebook page have gone silent for the last 10 days. Her Web site has not been updated recently. And Ms. Palin has not appeared on Fox News for a week, since before the last Republican presidential debate.

In a letter to donors late last week, Tim Crawford, the chief of her political action committee, wrote that Ms. Palin was “on the verge of making her decision of whether or not to run for office.”

But don’t worry.  Palin entering the race isn’t going to be earth-shattering.  The Wapo bloggers ensure us that Palin is not a Top-Tier candidate.  They helpfully point to one CNN/Orc poll that shows her trailing other GOP hopefuls and that her “bag of tricks may well be empty.”

I would say that being tied with the Florida Straw Poll winner (and tied at third place overall) in a race for which you have not announced is a pretty neat “trick.”

This all could be much ado about nothing