Christine O’Donnell is In, Out, and In again at Iowa Tea Party Event – Now Sarah Palin In, Out, and In

UPDATE: Hotair is now reporting that the WSJ is citing sources that put Sarah Palin’s appearance in doubt.

UPDATE II:  WSJ “corrects” article to say September 3rd event “on hold” not canceled.

UPDATE III:  Sarah Palin to jet off to New Hampshire Tea Party event on Monday.

It may be prudent at this time to wait for the ‘Cuda to make an official statement regarding her itinerary rather than chasing all of these “sources.”

UPDATE IV: Nevermind.  “Its all good.

Ken Crow, the founder of the Tea Party of America, told ABC News this morning that he “hung up with [Palin’s] people five minutes ago” and “she’ll be here on Saturday.

Gov. Palin is a lady of her word and impeccably honest,” he added. He admitted that the organization’s encountered “a couple of errors” in planning the Sept. 3 rally.

“I’m naive when it comes to politics and what you are supposed to say to and not say and my crew and I are rookies at this sort of thing,” he said. “We made mistakes and now we are fixing them. It’s all good.

This is part of the charm of the TEA party movement.  The organizers of such events are not professional politicians nor particularly media savvy individuals.  They are regular folks trying to do something bigger than they have ever done before.  Then they meet the media juggernaut with its voracious appetite for immediate information.  It would seem that the WSJ, citing “sources close to Palin”, fired the first shot in this clusterfark.  It does prove that Sarah Palin is living in the head of most of the media rent-free and will continue to do so.   The phrase “sources close to Palin” must mean by proximity not necessarily anyone with actual inside knowledge.  As I said above, its best to wait for confirmation from the actual source not just someone near the source.

The LA Times says she was uninvited after the organizers of the event received comments from potential attendees questioning her inclusion.  Now she she says via twitter that she has re-accepted the re-invitation.

h/t, an Iowa blog