UCOW: Civility for Thee, but not for Froma Harrop

Ugly Comment of the Week:

“Make no mistake: The tea party Republicans have engaged in economic terrorism against the United Statesthreatening to blow up the economy if they don’t get what they want. And like the al-Qaida bombers, what they want is delusional: the dream of restoring some fantasy caliphate. . . . Americans are not supposed to negotiate with terrorists, but that’s what Obama has been doing. . . . That the Republican leadership couldn’t control a small group of ignoramuses in its ranks has brought disgrace on their party. But oddly, Obama’s passivity made it hard for responsible Republicans to control their destructive children. The GOP extremists would ask Obama for his firstborn, and he’d say, ‘OK.’ So they think, why not ask for his second-born, to which he responds, ‘Let’s talk.’

“–Froma Harrop syndicated column, Aug. 2

As James Taranto pointed out, Ms. Harrop is a syndicated columnist and head of the National Conference of Editorial Writers, a group that has a project called Restoring Civility as a featured part of its website. Calling out the de facto media civility czar for incivility was too much for Ms. Harrop who tied herself in newspeak knots to redefine civility at her personal website:

I see incivility as not letting other people speak their piece. It’s not about offering strong opinions. If someone’s opinion is fact-based, then it is permissible in civil discourse.

Yes, I was angry, but I’m engaging in the defense of my country. I know the tea partiers say the same, but their behavior is that of a national wrecking crew. Most may be nice people who don’t know what they’re doing, but many a country has foundered on the passions of nice people.

Blowing up the U.S. economy to make a point would be an even more serious attack, in my book. And that’s what the tea party saboteurs were threatening. They are what they are.

h/t Hotair:

If there is a better example of liberal hypocrisy on restoring civility, I’d like to see it. It’s a blatant statement that Harrop wants her political opponents held to a different standard because, well, she’s angry, and besides, she’s right — in her own opinion, of course. -Ed Morissey

Ms. Harrop’s weak defense was called out by 100% of her commenters. So, naturally, she civilly deleted all comments. But Ed also captured the original page from Ms. Harrop’s website complete with comments.

  • grassroot

    She rejects the charge that she and the Left in general are wrong in
    demeaning their political enemies by being uncivil to them.
    Because she knows, and they in her political religion just know that since
    they are ” right” and therefore cannot be wrong. And disagreeing with the Conservatives and the right is totally right, as “they” are in the right.
    All Liberal Fascism, and Marxist trending.
    And ” useful Idiots,” As V. Lenin said