Salon’s Joan Walsh Sees Racism in Every Comment about Our “First Black President”

Polish up your Dog Whistles, you racists. Its going to be a long election cycle.
When speaking of Our First Black President ™ please refrain from mentioning anything that enlightened liberals, like Racist Joan Walsh associate with teh blacks

Food Stamps? Racist.
Detroit? Racist.

Dana Loesch
on Racist Joan Walsh:

In a conversation about race, when one immediately thinks of black Americans when one hears food stamps, is not that a clear indicator of prejudice and stereotyping?

If you said yes, then check out the latest column from Salon’s Joan Walsh. Apparently, Joan Walsh believes food stamps are something inherent to black Americans only. When she could have nabbed Gingrich on his remarks yesterday morning about the individual mandate (insane) or his criticism of Rep. Paul Ryan’s goal of reforming entitlements (off-base) she went straw man.

Walsh is angry that Gingrich also mentioned Detroit in any relation to President Obama.

This is racist to Walsh because many black people live in Detroit, she writes.

That Walsh insists on ignoring this fact and instead subtly assumes everyone is blaming black Americans — on top of implying that food stamps = black Americans — is unconscionable and I hope for her sake (and the sake of David Gregory’s) just a very poorly-worded partisan attack rather than a glimpse at her true feelings on race.