Palin?s energy on display in India

After a long day mostly away from the computer yesterday, I got a chance to read Sarah Palin?s speech in India, a success that some in the American media seemed oddly unable to capture in their reporting. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to watch it live, but Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has a nice liveblog of his thoughts during the speech, and Palin?s Q&A that followed, that?s worth checking out for some of the high points. Before perusing Jim or the media coverage in detail, I read the speech myself first to get my own reaction to it. The entire speech was transcribed by India Today, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, as practically every other sentence gets an exclamation point towards the end. The common theme from my perspective was energy, and not just on energy policy, although Palin had plenty to say about that….