Cursing “Obama’s Women” and Other Lefty Reactions to the Libya War

From Gabe at Ace

n. There is so much liberal idiocy in that one quoted paragraph it would take all day to unpack it (so I won’t inflict the rest of his screed on you, dear reader). Here are just the highlights: First, the U.S. is already “engaged in open war in Libya.” The shooting has commenced and the U.S. and its partners are in violation of Libya’s sovereignty, such as it is. Second, the shot at the military’s character reveals he’s not just anti-war, he’s anti-U.S. military, though that’s not so much of a surprise coming from a leftist. Far from it. Third, apparently in this bozo’s mind Obama isn’t even responsible for his own actions; he’s just there to ride herd on the troika*. Bonus point: it’s “rein” not “reign”, dingus. Also, while I’m thinking about it, who the fuck is “we”?