Dana Loesch: Sarah Palin and the rise of the Feminist Right

http://www.csmonitor.com/var/ezflow_site/storage/images/media/images/0514-palin-feminist-over-tea-party.jpg/7897935-1-eng-US/0514-palin-feminist-over-tea-party.jpg_full_600.jpgLiberal women have their panties in a bunch over the media’s recent characterization of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a “feminist.”

You see, that job is patented by liberal feminists who, for the past 30 or so years, have turned the term for “belief and advocacy in and for equality between the sexes” into a vote-manipulating, moneymaking shtick of an oxymoron. They get upset whenever anyone attempts to co-opt the unofficial trademark of the female left and dilute their commodity.

Popularly defined feminism is no longer about liberating women from the patriarchy but about beholding them to a political party whose policies clearly affect women negatively.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/Sarah-Palin-and-the-rise-of-the-Feminist-Right-534655-101265274.html#ixzz0xiuG5vGu