Melissa Lafsky: The Right Wing Can’t Do Nuance

Left wing bloggette, Melissa Lafsky tries to defend her ugly comments after the death of Sen. Teddy Kennedy in a Sep 9 column at mediaite.

In the recent column she laments that the Right-wing Media missed the nuanced point of her previous column suggesting that Mary Jo Kopechne may have felt that that her death by suffocation and subsequent lack of punishment for Kennedy was a fair trade for all the good things that he accomplished since the incident.

The conservative “echo-chamber” then took her words “out of context” and made her a “right-wing talking point.”

The nuanced context to which she is referring is this: Ted Kennedy was great. Really great. In fact, he had “the greatest Senate career in history.” So awesome were his achievements that maybe, just maybe Mary Jo would have felt it was all worth it.

Get it.