Calling them out by name: Nolte nails Ben Smith

As Predicted: Attack on Ann Romney Begins With Ben Smith


Just as I predicted in my piece the very day the President Obama-inspired attack on Ann Romney blew up in his face, it is Ben Smith’s BuzzFeed Politics that has fired the first shot at Ann Romney.

Smith’s obvious cover is to have a self-identified Mormon do the dirty work, but we all know how that works.

Buzzfeed also attacks Romney’s Mormon faith, so it’s a nice, sweet two-fer for Their Precious One.

The hit-piece is even aimed directly at the candidate’s wife with the title: “Why Ann Stayed Home”

Politically, hiring a Mormon was a brilliant move on Smith’s part. With the David Frum/Kathleen Parker of Mormonism on his team and the corrupt media desperate to find a fig leaf to attack Romney’s faith, I’d bet money Coppins will be leading this charge for all of the MSM before it’s over.  

After all, this is what Ben —tanning bed— Smith does. And this is the kind of thing he’ll be doing on steroids with a full staff at his command.