C4P is Calling out HuffPo’s Sarah Palin Foot Fetish

Conservatives4Palin are pointing out a bit of leftist hypocrisy at the HuffPo.  But of course this obsession with Gov. Palin’s feet is nothing new

The Huffington Post actually has a poll and a slideshow up about Governor Palin’s toenails. No, I’m not kidding, and it’s already got hundreds of poisonous comments. This reminds me of the numerous wire photos of the Governor’s feet and lower legs during the 2008 campaign, and the interest seems to be continuing. For instance, Ben Smith’s Politico piece from last Saturday’s Auburn visit included this quote:

Her four-car motorcade, including two black SUVs provided by the New York State Police, then headed to Seneca Falls, where Palin, bright red toenails visible in open shoes, trooped through a museum that focuses on the 19th-century origins of the American women’s movement in Upstate New York.