Lileks’ Screed Decronstructs a Leftist Manifesto

The always brilliant, James Lileks, spends a goodly amount of e-ink utterly destroying the insane ramblings of one of them “intellectual types.”  The ramblings were presented in an apparently unsolicited manifesto.   Here is a sample from said manifesto:

As long as those whose basic needs have been well-sated, whose creature comforts have been secured, keep defining the purpose of life as making more and more dough in order to purchase more and more consumer goods, we will not rein in wild capitalism, protect the environment (climate included), advance social justice, or, arguably, stop killing one another.

Granted, with material like this, a big league slugger like Lileks would be expected to hit it far, far out of the park.   He does, of course.  But after rounding the bases he proceeds to charge the mound to give the offending pitcher an atomic wedgie.  Then its off to the stands to seek out the pitcher’s parents for a good thrashing about the head and neck.

The screed is a must read as usual.