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Brett Joshpe at Big Hollywood

has a grand idea for those celebrities so eager to pledge their devotion to our new president.

Hollywood Should Pledge Its Money Where Its Collective Mouth Is

Until Republicans acted this week, the Senate was actually prepared to bestow hundreds of millions of dollars of stimulation for Hollywood.  The “Hollywood clause” would have given movie studios special tax breaks and enabled them to depreciate the costs of production equipment at a quicker rate.  Perhaps, however, Congress should consider reinserting that provision.  Doing so would give us the perfect excuse to impose the types of compensation controls on the movie industry that President Obama is now demanding of other industries who receive federal help.

Unlike the greedy Wall Street executives though, who have torpedoed our economy by allowing federal bureaucrats to bludgeon them into making bad loans, Hollywood would surely understand the merit of pay caps.  After all, it would enable the entertainment world to fulfill its pledge “to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.”  (Cut for laughter and gagging and take two!)

As such, we should cap the compensation that movie studios and Silver Screen stars make, particularly given the wealth disparities between the actors and actresses and the grips, stagehands, and extras.  While there will be times for profits, this is not that time, especially when people are losing jobs