Natalie Dylan Virginity Auction Reaches $3.7 Million

Natalie Dylan aspires to be the most expensive prostitute in the history of man.  The San Diego native and



student is auctioning her virginity to the winning bidder.  The winning bidder (not necessarily the highest, as Natalie evidently has standards) will collect his (or her) prize at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada where prostitution is not illegal.  Natalie’s sister, Avia, inspired the idea by paying for her college degree by working at the Bunny Ranch herself.

Natalie plans to major in being rich with a minor in whoring.

Update:  Natalie may pull out of the auction if a movie deal materializes providing enough money.  She states the obvious, “I’m doing this for the money […] if I make a million, why would I still need to do it?”