Froma Harrop has a Bright Future with National Enquirer


Creators Syndicate hack Froma Harrop comes a little late to the Palin bashing party, but she reports enough debunked lies and myths in one article to put here in the top ranks of those suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome.

In hers headlined, “Palin should move to TV talk show,” Harrop proves that she should move from Creator’s Syndiacte to the National Enquirer… unless Creator’s Syndicate is trying to unseat the supermarket tabloid in hack writing. If that is the case, then Harrop is on the right track.

Froma Harrop committed journalistic malpractice of a gross nature with this lie-filled, uniformed rant. But, where Governor Sarah Palin is concerned, Harrop’s slobbering is wholly unoriginal. She, like many of her hate addled colleagues, are so consumed with vitriol for Sarah Palin that any manner of lies and false charges are fair game and are to be considered “facts” in their world of venomous malignity. As far as Palin is concerned it’s attack now, worry about truth later… or not at all. And in Harrop’s case it is not at all because she regurgitates lies here that have been thoroughly debunked weeks ago.

Like those of the rest of her profession, Froma Harrop has a visceral hatred of Palin and a nearly pathological need to destroy her. Facts don’t matter. Truth is unnecessary. Decorum and objectivity are disdained.

They just want Palin destroyed and they will do anything to get that job done.