Whining women to blame for gender pay gap

From the Sydney Daily Telegraph:

Women are no good at demanding pay rises and have only themselves to blame for the gender pay gap, a female manager has told a Government inquiry.

Helen Lorenzon, human resources manager of The Epping Club in Sydney, said that after 15 years of dealing with salary negotiations she believes women lack confidence.  Men who fail in their bid to get a pay rise “‘just deal with it”.

But women whine to their colleagues of their disappointment “causing a flow-on effect from reduction in morale”.

“Men appear to believe they are entitled to their request and present a proposal supporting their request,” Ms Lorenzon told a House of Representatives inquiry into pay equity.

“To my disappointment women do not demonstrate the same confidence nor do they prepare for the negotiation process, often times expecting that their line manager or CEO will ‘look after them’.”

Instead of beefing up laws to get equal pay Ms Lorenzon said we should educate women about negotiating a pay rise.