I have a secret…

Men and women are different. Don’t tell anyone. Aside from the obvious anatomical differences there are also fundamental behavioral and social differences. Conventional wisdom (read Feminist thought) would suggest that these differences are primarily a result of socialization in a male-dominated world and it is patriarchal oppression that has relegated women to feminine gender roles. But there is growing scientific research that backs up the common sense notion that men and women are different at a more fundamental level.

George Mason University professor Robert Nadeau, the author of S/he Brain: Science, Sexual Politics, and the Feminist Movement, describes significant differences between male and female brains. Nadeau observes:

“The human brain, like the human body, is sexed, and differences in the sex-specific human brain condition a wide range of behaviors that we typically associate with maleness or femaleness.”

The difference between the male and female brain is not evidence of superiority or inferiority, but of specialization. In general, males have better spatial and math skills than females. While feminists often claim that these differences are due to social expectations–and if girls were encouraged to be mathematicians, they would have the same ability as boys–there is evidence that these differences are inherited and appear in childhood, actually increasing during puberty. On the other hand, girls tend to be more vocal than boys, are better at hearing higher frequencies, and do better than boys in reading and vocabulary tests.